About Us

Kaushik Outdoors consolidates the scope of urban advertising with different mediums and highly targeted delivery for brands and products throughout Gujarat. We set the stage for commanding high-density consumer exposure with high impact mediums for the traditional out-of-home advertising in the form of Hoardings, Railway Station Promotion, Transits Boards and Scrollers. An estimated total of 500 locations in Ahmedabad and over 1500 in Gujarat, we commend a wide reach to the customers, segmented audience through marketers authentically.

We provide 24 hours publicity to maximize the mileage and the visibility factor of the brands. In simple terms, we provide a podium for marketing companies to advertise brands with an array of options and innovative ideas at cost effective prices. We advertise for television, print and other modes of media through our outdoor publicity medium.

The beginning:

Kaushik Outdoors has been in this business for 35 years and the company was founded in 2001. We provide advertising spaces at prime locations across the city. Our association with major national and international brands has helped us build ‘Kaushik’ as a brand. Apart from advertising brands, our agency intends to send out social and moral messages for the betterment of the society, through our hoardings.

Our Vision

We work to enable client satisfaction with the support of our hardworking team and not expecting awards in the process. We strive for perfection with a humble approach.

Kaushik Shah

Message from CMD:

The advertising world has changes a lot since I established this company in 2001. New opportunities in advertising have come up in past few years. We have seen tremendous growth in internet marketing and advertising through various media. Even through such tremendous changes, outdoor advertising still holds a critical position in a marketer’s promotional mix. In fact, billboards have been the medium of choice for other marketing channels. You will notice that television channels, internet service providers, newspapers and magazines move out of their own vertical to advertise on billboards, but rarely will you see an outdoor advertising agency advertise on other mediums. Such is the potential of outdoor advertising.

I started this company with a vision to provide this very potential to a vast variety of businesses, I envisioned enabling the marketers to reach even the remotest audiences. Marketing always needs to have an integrated approach and various channels together fulfill all the marketing communication needs of an organization. In realization of this vision, today, we have created outdoor advertising opportunities in the entire Gujarat from bubbling urban centers to serene peaceful villages. I am proud of every member of this organization who has helped me achieve this dream.

Outdoor advertising still remains one of the most effective methods of mass marketing. The differentiation, however, is created by the location and the creative of the advertisement. We have long since understood the need of these fundamentals in effective delivery of a brand’s message. We have and continuously will use our expertise to help our clients reach out to their customers.

– Mr. Kaushik Shah, Founder & CMD.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize and optimize your brands visibility to the masses in the most effective way with a range of creative avenues and placement in major traffic locations.   We provide superior service and support to our clients, with an outlet for innovative ideas that defines products and services along with a profound presence.

Director’s note:

I have seen the vigor and passion with which my father has built this company. The strong position we hold in the market today, is all a result of his efforts. I want to bring the same zest and vigor to this organization and them some more.

I share my father’s dream and intend to continue driving the company ahead with the same business ethics that my father has upheld and the sharp business acumen that I have acquired from him as my mentor.

It’s not just spaces that we are selling to our clients. We are providing them with a channel to connect with their customers. We try to not just make this process more seamless but also more creative.

One of our recent efforts were focused on introducing 3D hoardings, a concept which registered well with our clients and their customers alike. We were one of the first to extend such an offering. We will continue to bring such innovations to our clients. This is the dynamism which is going to strengthen our position in the market even further.

I have a strong belief that rather than being the jack of all trades, be the master of one. This philosophy is the reason we have maintained our dominance in the market and in ensuring that our clients have the very best locations throughout Gujarat to showcase their brands.

We are not king but we are the kingmakers.

– Mr. Saket Shah, Director Branding & Marketing.

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